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Hurko intelligent controller using MCU to control can receive the on-off signal, proportion signal, bus signal, adaptor three-phase contactor or solid-state relay control motor positive and reverse, realize the on-off operation for the actuator. In the controller internal, integrated perfect in the circuit for overheating, of phase, over-torque and so on. The controller can provide position signal feedback, multiple field programmable relay state feedback. the control signal can be divided into switch type and proportion type, the power supply can be divided into single-phase and three-phase.

Switch type receives only external switch quantity signal, the MCU control panel processing, output instruction after enlargement drive actuator motor remote opening or closing the action. On the basis of switch type, the proportion type can receive an external proportion signal.


Function Characteristics

  1. Convenient Parameter Remote Control Setting

  2. Abundant On-Line Display

  3. Improved Autodiagnosis and Protection

  4. Convenient Characters Display

  5. Strong Field Adaptability

Constructional View of Actuator

  1. The solid handwheel can provide reliable emergency manual operation in the circumstance of power failure.

  2. The manual/electric reversion handle can be operated at any time safely. At the same time as pressing down the handle with proper force, turn the handwheel slowly so as to drive the internal clutch. The clutch can be automatically segregated when the electric motor is powered on and is locked up.

  3. A professionally designed useful work measurement system is used as the output torque measurement system. The system is developed from the familiar electric energy measurement technology, which can obtain accurate, repeatable torque measurements, independent of frequency, voltage and temperature changes.

  4. The LCD on the control panel can provide transient and latest state and valve position in Chinese or in English. Using intuitional menu structure, it can provide calibration and diagnosis information, including torque curve, operation and failure record, electric motor state, local information, hardware data and so on.

  5. The “on”/ “off” rotary knob and the “local”/ “halted”/ “remote” rotary knob with padlock all adopt isolated magnetic transfer Hall effect device with favourable sealing performance and no cut-through shaft. Meanwhile, such a design eliminates troubles that may bring by the fragile reed switch that is easy to break down.

  6. The high-quality aluminium alloy shell is exquisite and convenient. It is painted with protective material for the purpose of adapting to the extremely hostile environment, and the coating can be changed to other types as required.

  7. The low inertia and high torque electric motor enable the motor to reach peak torque rapidly after starting and experience almost no overrun during the non-exciting period. A precise temperature switch is embedded in the coil of the electric motor, which protects the motor from being affected by environmental temperature, maintaining it within maximum temperature capacity. Meanwhile, the motor shaft is independent of the worm.

  8. The worm transmission chain of the electric motor is simple and exquisite in structure. With constant transmission efficiency and mechanical self-locking function, the motor doesn’t need any brake. The transmission part is infused with long-acting lubricating oil, which facilitates long-term operation without the necessity of maintenance.

  9. The double-seal design provides a terminal box that is separated from the control room and completely sealed. Such design can help the internal side of the actuator separate from the outside, preventing moisture, dust and harmful gas from entering into the actuator and fully protecting the internal components and parts.

  10. The control unit is composed of the control module, supervision module and protection module. Utilizing a clip cage-type installation structure, it is allocated with functions of damping and buffering. Besides, the plug-in type connection facilitates rapid and inerrable disassembly.

  11. The lubricate thrust bearing which is designed to improve lifetime and facilitate disassembly can help remove the actuator easily without changing the valve position. The simple and dismountable driving shaft sleeve can be processed in terms of the valve rod so as to connect with the valve.

Product Security

  1. Phase Sequence Protection

By using phase synchronization technology, users needn’t consider the phase sequence of three-phase alternating current when installing wire connection of actuator. It can guarantee the correct power supply phase sequence for three-phase electric motors and enable the actuator to operate correctly in terms of commands all the time during the operation process.

2. Motor Protection

Single phasing or overload of the three-phase motor may lead to the rapid increase of current, consequently giving rise to the overheating and burning down of the electric motor. CKD actuator supervises the operating state of the three-phase power supply and the electric motor all the time. When single phasing, overcurrent and overload happen, it will immediately cut off the power supply and emit alarm information on the LCD interface and in the remote control room.

3. Valve Jam Protection 

During the process of closing or opening the valve, the actuator executes no torque protection function within a period of 3s to 10s and closes or opens the valve which gets stuck. If the operation mentioned above still fails to close or open the valve, then the actuator will cut off the power supply for the electric motor and emit a failure alarm.

4. Battery Anti-Interference Protection

The actuator adopts optoelectronic isolation for all the input/ output channels and can bear ±2KV rapid transient pulse train interference and 4KV electrostatic discharge impact. The signal ended can bear 6KV/3KAsurge impact and the power supply end can support 20KV/1010KA surge impact, which realizes the electric separation of an actuator and is allocated with the extremely high anti-interference property.

5. Torque Protection

The product uses a professionally designed torque measurement system so as to guarantee the overload protection of equipment. Users can set up the protection values for over-torque at closing and opening directions in terms of specific conditions. When the actual torque borne by the actuator reaches or exceeds the established protection value, the actuator will immediately stop the motor and emit a failure alarm.

6. Hydraulic Impact Surge Protection

To prevent hydrodynamic impact or water hammer effect or surge, it is necessary to extend the operating time of the valve. The starting and stopping time of pulse operation which can be independently adjusted can be selected to operate at any part during the valve closing or valve-opening travel so as to effectively reduce valve operating speed.

7. Transient Reverse Protection

When receiving the transient reverse signal, the actuator will automatically delay for a while so as to prevent unnecessary abrasion of valve rod, valve seat and gear transmission part owing to impact load, protecting both the valve and the actuator itself. The halted time period can be set up by users on the LCD interface through the setting device.