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Three Major Industrial Segment

Fast Track Resources has more than 10 years of experience in water treatment field by leveraging Biology Genesis technology for odor control, industrial sewer and wastewater treatment systems. With the latest bio-technology available, Biology Genesis microorganisms are grown to be symbiotically which mean they can work together in the same environment and enhance the efficiency.

Biology Genesis technology has wide range of application for wastewater and water treatment plant in Malaysia. The main applications are natural water treatment and odor removal.

Odor Removal

Wastewater Treatment

Kitchen/Toilet/Hotel Treatment

Water Quality Improvement

The main application is to improve the zooplankton quantity and reduce all those excessive organic substances.

Water utilities are challenged with providing safe and clean water to their customers at all times. Xylem has the solutions and expertise to ensure your success at every step of the drinking water cycle. Learn how we can increase your efficiency, water quality and water availability.

The challenges water utilities face are complex, ranging from diminished water resources to failing infrastructure. Many of our water utility customers have faced challenges such as:

  • Insufficient treatment capacity
  • Failing equipment and aging pipes
  • Seasonal water shortages
  • Labor-intensive monitoring and reporting
  • Uncollected revenue for water delivered
  • Inability to reduce costs and energy bills

Learn how we have helped solve these challenges to delivering clean water.

Water technologies for the entire clean water cycle

At Xylem, we offer a range of solutions for providing clean drinking water. We have mapped the clean water cycle in seven steps, which you can read about below. Our solutions include everything you need for water intake, treatment, distribution, metering and analytics. We are committed to your success!

Water intake and monitoring

Global challenges such as climate change, population growth, pollutants and algal blooms are affecting water availability. At the same time, energy costs are rising. Learn how you can address these issues with Xylem’s water intake solutions, including pumps, turbines and analytics.

Water purification

Drinking water requires efficient clarification and filtration processes, which are often not making an efficient use of water and energy. See how Xylem’s purification solutions effectively eliminate algae, large organics and other solids from raw water while automatically minimizing uses of your resources.

Water disinfection

Reliable disinfection of drinking water is critical for ensuring safety and compliance with regulations. Using chemicals for disinfection, however, can increase risks and operating costs. Read how Xylem’s chemical-free solutions for water disinfection minimize risks and expenses.

Micropollutant, taste and odor removal

Your customers expect drinking water without any color, odor or taste. Micropollutants like pharmaceuticals are an additional concern. Learn how Xylem’s advanced oxidation processes for micropollutant, taste and odor removal help you supply clean water to your customers.

Water transfers and distribution

Distributing clean drinking water over long distances can require a lot of energy. In addition, too much water pressure can lead to ruptures in aging pipes. Find out how Xylem’s water transfers and distribution solutions help you lower energy use and minimize ruptures.

Network condition assessment and water leak detection

Detecting water leaks and predicting future leaks can help prevent expensive system failures. Learn how Xylem’s solutions for network condition assessments, conducted without interrupting operations, minimize costs by ensuring the best use of your current infrastructure.

Water metering and billing

Accurately measuring water volumes and water consumption in your network is critical. See how Xylem’s volumetric metering and remote-control solutions, including advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), help you detect water losses and ensure accurate billing.

Waste Water Treatment

The main application is to reduce the BOD, Cod, TSS and TKN parameter by 100% natural process.

For municipal wastewater treatment, you need more than equipment. You need solutions.

Wastewater treatment. In some ways, nothing could be more basic. Harnessing the power that nature uses to cleanse the rivers and streams – air, microbes, gravity, light – the wastewater industry has revolutionized sanitation and brought health to their communities, rivers, streams, lakes and oceans.

However, today’s demands are far from basic. Everyone must do more with less. To keep rates affordable, plant operators manage with less funding, less staff, less space, less energy consumption. You must do more – more treatment as the list of parameters on discharge permits grow and grow. BOD, COD, TSS, fecal coliforms – yes. But also nitrogen, phosphorus, metals, other pathogens and predictably soon, pharmaceutical residuals.

Older systems need to replace and upgrade original equipment. At the same time, utilities are challenged to treat smarter, squeeze more treatment out of the same footprint, reduce energy use and add advanced processes. Newer plants must predict the future, plan for expandability, and stricter limits.

When the water leaves the plant, it is no longer wastewater, but a highly valuable resource. It is ready for reuse, sometimes directly, or by downstream users, industries, potable water plants, or the ecosystem that depends upon your water for its very life

Odor Removal

The main application is to remove offensive odor by effective nitrification and sulfur reducing process.

Kitchen / Toiletry / Hotel Treatment

The main application is to improve the oil and grease treatment and to remove unpleasant smell caused by ammonia and produce killer toxin to eliminate pathogenic bacteria.

Animal Husbandry

The main application is to act as pro-biotic treatment to prevent intestinal disease and improve health maintenance. In addition to improve the FCR, and reduce mortality rate.

Agriculture Treatment

Treats and prevents the countryside, fruit tree & vegetable infected by diseases such as Solanumseudomonas, Xanthomonas, monas, carotene-fungi, Plant Phytorpthere infestant.

Aquaculture Treatment
  • Control of algae multiplications such as blue-green algae, Vibrio harvel and Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
  • Eliminate ammonia and sulfide inside water
  • Accelerate petrification procedure, constant control against basins’ bad odor
  • Stabilize water quality; prevent change of water color (green) prevention of diseases and reduce the use of chemical and medicine products
  • Enhance aquatic Biology survival rate and productivity

The main application is to accelerate the compose process and without present of offensive smell.